Dave Coates


Dave has a passion for helping clients identify opportunities to improve any workplace system that can have an impact on avoiding the human and financial cost of musculoskeletal injuries. Dave thrives on working with his team to develop and roll-out initiatives for clients with nation-wide and US operations.

Dave's BroncoDave believes that incorporating metrics into client reporting systems for proper accountability and management of any ErgoRisk assisted initiatives is crucial to program durability. Well managed systems for Ergonomics, Discomfort Management and Safe Movement are the pillars of a workplace culture that believes that employees should be given every opportunity to Move Better, Work Better and Live Better.

Dave playing baseball for Team BC at 2009 Men's Senior Baseball World Series 35

When Dave is not working you can find him wrenching his 1974 Classic Ford Bronco (with a Cummins diesel swapped engine) or playing baseball. You may also find him trying (with limited success): convincing his wife to ride in his Bronco; playing catch with his daughter or practicing safe biomechanics while lifting his dog, Jericho to go for a ride, strapped into a safety harness of course.