Rob Fontaine



Rob started working with Dave in 1996 and along the way he has developed a fulfilling career as well as rewarding friendship.  Rob believes that, given the right knowledge, every worker can make posture and movement choices that keeps them healthy and well instead of getting them closer to injury.

Rob has a wide range of skills to meet his client’s needs including senior management coaching, supervisor mentoring, office and industrial evaluations, industrial athlete education, program development and innovation, presentations, as well as program metrics.

Rob’s work has allowed him to gain experience in various heavy industries in BC and Alberta, including Oil and Gas, Shipping, Railway, Forestry and Pulp and Paper.Rob Fontaine running with Chilli His cross-industry experience has resulted in a wealth of knowledge that he applies across all disciplines from performing office ergonomics initiatives and industrial musculoskeletal injury risk assessments, to developing functional job descriptions and biomechanics/movement safety initiatives. Rob also specializes in overall ergonomics and early intervention program development and implementation with emphasis on developing tools and resources for all stakeholders including program metrics.

Rob Fontaine Savary Island

Rob’s daily routine often involves heading out for a run on the local trails with his two Vizslas.  On occasion, he will test his fitness in a trail race.  One of his favorites is in Three Sisters, Oregon where he is allowed to race with his dogs.  Most of his time is spent enjoying the wonders of life with his wife, son, and daughter – especially on those weeks when he is “out of the office” enjoying family time at the summer cabin on Savary Island.