Tennille Walker

 Tennille Walker, MHK AE CK

TennilleKey skills: Ergonomic coaching, office and industrial evaluations, ergonomic awareness presentations

Tennille has a wide range of experience providing ergonomic support in industrial environments as well as office settings. She has provided support for many projects requiring physical demands analysis, risk assessments, job matching, and problem solving to reduce ergonomic risk factors.


She has also worked in therapy clinics conducting pre-employment testing, job mocking, and working with employers to ensure that the workstation fits the worker. In the clinical setting, Tennille gained first-hand experience treating injuries caused by improper workplace ergonomics.

Tennille has a Masters degree in Human Performance from the University of Windsor where she specialized in human factors and biomechanics, and completed a thesis investigating the effects of Lean Manufacturing on workers.

When not following her career, Tennille enjoys running, hiking the Rockies, and travelling around the world.