Office Ergo Tips

What Are “Ergo Tips”?

ErgoTips are impactful, themed information packages covering the most common ergonomic issues affecting the computer work station user today.  The tips offer explanations, descriptions and tangible solutions for correcting the issues.  Specialty themes include children’s ergonomics, home offices and working from a mobile office!

How to use “Ergo Tips” effectively in your office:

Each file contains a poster page and 4 parts of the ErgoTip theme (5 pages total).  The “Poster Page” is an outline of the theme and can be forwarded by email, or printed and posted around the common areas in your office, as lead-off documentation and introduction to the ErgoTips.  Then, you can send or post one ErgoTip each week over the next 4 weeks to complete the theme package.

Download Free Ergo Tips