Observation Cards


What Are “Observation Cards”

Observation cards are ‘Quick Reference’ cards for Supervisors or Safety Representatives to use during tours and walkabouts to remind them of the basic postures and movement habits that employees should be using for long-term musculoskeletal health.

What’s The Problem Today?

Bad posture and improper movement habits have become so common that many workplaces are unaware that it is probably the single most important observable risk factor that can lead to serious musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

Why Hasn’t It Been Solved Yet?

Bad posture and improper movement habits do not get solved because very few supervisors feel competent as posture and safe work movement coaches.

What’s Possible With These Observation Cards?

These cards can be used as a quick reminder of what a Supervisor or Safety Rep. should be looking to coach and correct on a daily basis. Often, ergonomic issues that bate people into poor postures and movement habits can also be identified.

How To Get Best Results With These Cards

  • Take a workshop on Movement Safety Coaching with ErgoRisk and request Observation Cards specific to your operation’s tasks.
  • Keep posture and movement safety in mind when touring your operation
  • Make posture and movement a safety value within your organization

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