Toolbox Talks

What Are “Toolbox Talks”?

Toolbox talks are practical, themed information packages designed to be used for pre-shift crew talks and safety meetings to raise ergonomics and body mechanics awareness to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

What’s Possible With These Toolbox Talks?

Each file contains a poster page and 4 parts of the Toolbox Talk theme (5 pages total).  The “Poster Page” is an outline of the theme and can be forwarded by email, or printed and posted around the common areas in your workplace, as lead-off documentation and introduction to the Toolbox Talk.  To complete the theme package a new part of the Toolbox Talk can be introduce and discussed at morning meetings each week and then sent by email or posted in a common afterwards over the next 4 weeks.

Download All 6 Toolbox Talk PDFs & Use It Today 

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