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ErgoRisk Posters and ePosters are designed to help promote recommended work technique/procedure information and/or exercises in your workplace. They can be displayed as regular paper posters around the office, locker rooms, lunchroom information board, or by as ePosters with HD video pop-ups providing specific content or information by email or on flat screen TV monitors during safety meetings.

Want something specific to your company?

Let us create a customized set of ePosters to fit your needs, and attach your company colors and logos.


  • general and task specific warm ups,
  • proper lifting and bending techniques
  • pre and post exercises for overhead work,
  • micro-breaks for postural re-alignment after static working positions
  • specific work procedure instructions

Click here for video example from our e-posters

Why not request a combination service where you take advantage of our ‘Talks and Tours’ service and create an ePoster all in the same visit? Give us a tour of your operation, we video any work procedures that require specific procedures, safe movements, micro-breaks or specific warm-up exercises, then we give our awareness talk and send you an ePoster that captures all of the important material for your employees! Now that’s Value Added!

If you have any questions about our select Posters or ePosters please contact us.