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Industrial Stretch Station

Preparing for physical work requires a proper warm-up.  Sustained work should be regularly interrupted by brief micro-breaks.  An excellent way of providing a focal point for the importance of these body awareness habits, as well as providing education on relevant exercise, is a stretch station.

The ErgoRisk Warm-Up and Stretch Station package includes plan designs, an instructional video and posters.  The plans provide all the information required for fabrication and installation of the stretch station.  The instructional video guides workers through a recommended stretch routine while demonstrating the safe use of the equipment.  Posters of our preferred warm-up and stretch activities fit within the boundaries of the stretch station and serve as a visual reminder of the proper exercises.

Installed in key locations, these stations provide employees with the necessary tools and information to perform warm-up and microbreak activities.  Please contact us for further information such as pricing and delivery details.

If you any questions about our Industrial Stretch station diagrams, videos or posters please contact us.