Discomfort Survey & Reports

ErgoRisk - Discomfort Surveys

Did you know that typically over 60% of your workforce may be impacted by discomfort?  Our discomfort survey process helps you identify areas of concern and focus your effectively prioritize your efforts.

What Are “Discomfort Surveys”?

Discomfort surveys ask workers to identify areas of their body where they feel discomfort.  These validated surveys can be done on paper or on-line. The results allows for focused risk reduction efforts.

We find they can be very valuable to implement

  • (a) before a site visit to identify folks who would benefit from job coaching and/or a workstation review, or
  • (b) as a regular investigation to ensure overall discomfort is improving over time and workers are benefiting from the safety interventions.

Simple & Confidential.

Our simple online tool takes less than 3 minutes to complete.  Your workers’ comments are collected and summarized by us to promote accurate reporting.  You will receive a customized, comprehensive summary report.

Getting the Results You Need.

Our survey is often used by new clients with office workers to determine who needs a comprehensive assessment and who just needs a spot check.  Some of our ongoing office clients use the survey before our visit and then 3 months later to ensure their concerns have been resolved.  Our industrial clients with multiple sites find the survey useful to help identify workers who would benefit from some one-one-one coaching as well as highlight jobs of concern that may not have shown up in the historical incident reviews.

To try our discomfort survey, click here 

Implementing our Survey.

To implement our web-based survey, all you need to do is send out an email invitation to your employees with a link to our survey.  For the paper tool, you will need someone to hand deliver the surveys – typically at a safety meeting – and then collect them up to send to us by mail or fax.

Once everyone has completed the survey on-line or we have received the paper surveys, we will take a few days to organize the results into a concise and meaningful report.

To view a sample discomfort survey report, click here

If you have any questions about our Discomfort Survey and Reports services please contact us.