Industrial Ergonomics

Workplace Tour and Crew Talk

If you aren’t sure where to start but would like some help with ergonomics, we would recommend a site visit combined with a crew safety meeting.  We can tour your operation, provide individual job coaching as needed to raise awareness and complete a follow-up recommendations report.  In completing the tour, we can bring some site specific examples to an end-of-day crew safety meeting to talk about safe movement practices.  This would be an excellent way to raise the profile of ergonomics and get some valuable direction on how to improve this important aspect of your safety program.

Job and Workstation Assessments

ErgoRisk can perform an evaluation with recommendations if you are already aware of some areas of concern.  This is particularly valuable for workstations with multiple operators, job tasks that are done regularly that seem to be common throughout the operation or shut-down job that involves many people that is outside of the norm.  In completing our evaluation, we take the opportunity to coach workers on proper body mechanics so they can minimize risks.  Along with a concise, prioritized report of practical recommendations, we will communicate with all stakeholders to ensure consensus.

Educational Sessions

ErgoRisk welcomes the opportunity to deliver a lively, dynamic (and sometimes humorous) Safety Meeting talk.  We promote the importance of knowledge, awareness and personal responsibility to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort.  Our talks share applied functional anatomy principles to explain how the body is best used to position or apply forces to the environment, we engage the audience to apply those principles to the work tasks they do.

Talk/Workshop Examples:

  • General Industrial or Job Specific Body Mechanics Workshops:
    • Back/Knees/Bending/Lifting,
    • Shoulder Check,
    • JOHS/Safety Committee ergonomic (MSI) training,
    • Avoiding forearm/wrist/hand disorders
    • Foot/ankle and work boot selection education.
  • Seated Work/Driving: Education and risk reduction strategies for control rooms, computer work stations, mobile equipment operators, fleet/maintenance vehicle drivers etc.
  • Job Coaching – Observational tours, supervisor mentoring/coaching for learning how to identify observable risks.

If you have any questions about our Industrial Ergonomics services please contact us.