Spot Check Audits

ErgoRisk uses a simple evaluation method for effectively auditing workstation ergonomics with delivery of practical postural education, workstation recommendations and summarized risk improvements.

If you have been struggling with how best to assess your workstation ergonomics, this program will meet your needs.

Evaluate  Measure Resolve Document
Our workstation ergonomics specialist will assess each workstation with an eye to practical solutions emphasizing educating the worker on how best to use the available furniture and equipment. Ten common risks are measured to gain a snapshot of the risk exposure.  Risks are categorized into 5 workstation-related issues and 5 behavior-related issues.  ErgoRisk’s ergonomic specialist will resolve as many workstation risks as practical during the evaluation.  Workers will also be coached on safe movement habits to resolve behaviour-related risks. Outstanding risks will be reported to management with a prioritized list of recommendations.  Other reports will document metrics for observed, resolved and outstanding risks along with individual reports.


Pricing and Deliverables.

The spot check audit costs $50/person (+ GST) for a minimum of 10 people.

Included in this price is an individual workstation evaluation, a workstation report, a prioritized list of recommendations and a summary report of workstation risks.

Getting Started

ErgoRisk recommends holding a 30 to 60 minute group education session to explain the basic principles, followed by the spot checks.  You could also use our on-line discomfort survey as a means of evaluating worker discomfort and establishing a baseline for measuring effectiveness of future initiatives.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.