Additional Services


To maintain the benefits gained through implementation of the ergonomic services, ErgoRisk can provide regular follow up through, phone, email or on-site visits.  If necessary, ErgoRisk can track the implementation of equipment recommendations and assist with set up when new equipment arrives.  If there are employees who have been found to have significant ergonomic concerns on their initial assessment, ErgoRisk can follow up with these employees to ensure that they are compliant with their individual recommendations and are on track to recovery.

Ongoing Awareness

ErgoRisk has developed a series of Office ErgoTips which are available to clients at no cost.  The information contained in the tips is immediately relevant and can serve to raise ergonomics awareness on a regular basis.  ErgoTips topics vary and although the primary focus is office ergonomics, past tips have included topics such as driving ergonomics, home office set up and children’s ergonomics.  Office ErgoTips are available for free download.

RTW Assistance

ErgoRisk can also provide modified return to work assistance for injured workers.  Several of our ergonomists have experience in injury management and can help develop GRTWs for injured workers.   We work with injured workers to ensure that

  • The ergonomics of the work area is appropriate and they have all the equipment they need
  • They understand and can implement low risk working and resting postures on the job
  • They are following any documented work restrictions and modification
  • They have a plan to implement appropriate stretch and rest breaks during the day.

Product Assistance

ErgoRisk can create a preferred product list of ergonomic accessories to guide your organization in choosing the right keyboard tray, document holder, mouse, keyboard, and other accessories for each specific situation.  If you purchase from Grand and Toy or Staples, or another office vendor of that kind we will specify products that are available from those particular catalogues to ease the ordering process.

Development of Education Materials

ErgoRisk can assist organizations in the development of electronic or hard copy handouts or manuals tailored to the needs of the organization.  We specialize in the development of material that raises ergonomics awareness as a whole and which can be easily included on the company intranet, used as part of new hire orientation, posted as hardcopy in the break rooms, or used in whatever manner will be most effective for your team.

  • Materials may show how to adjust particular pieces of equipment such as chairs or keyboard trays
  • They can show safe movement behaviours and appropriate low risk working and resting postures
  • They may contain stretches appropriate to particular job functions or areas of discomfort
  • They can include information about a company’s existing safety or ergonomics programs.

Program Development Assistance

ErgoRisk can assist companies in the top to bottom development of an in-house ergonomics program in compliance with the applicable provincial legislation.  Program development, implementation and post implementation auditing are included in this service.  Dovetailing the application of many of the programs and services described above with the existing client safety infrastructure ensures a strong and durable program.