Office Assessments

Office Ergonomics


ErgoRisk offers two levels of office ergonomic assessments to better meet client needs.  If you’re not sure which type of assessment your worker(s) require, start with the low cost option of deploying our discomfort survey to obtain a snapshot of the status of your organization and help define your risk levels and ergonomic needs.

Comprehensive work station assessments

Comprehensive individual assessments are suitable for employees who have ongoing discomfort, documented injury, or significant ergonomic issues in their work area.

  • Comprehensive assessments are performed at the employee’s desk and focus on the physical layout of the work station, the employee’s body dimensions and posture as well as the nature of the work tasks.
  • An ergonomist will assess the work area for risk and assist the employee in making immediate changes to reduce risk and discomfort, such as by adjusting the chair or repositioning the monitor or other equipment.  The ergonomist will also educate the employee on appropriate behaviours to reduce symptoms, and make additional recommendations (if necessary) for specific ergonomic equipment.  Each employee is provided with specific stretches, as appropriate, to reduce their particular discomforts.
  • Each assessment is followed up with an electronic report documenting identified risks in the work area, recommended behavioural solutions and recommended equipment solutions.

Ergonomic Spot Checks

Spot checks are a cost effective way to provide ergonomic intervention to large groups of employees and can be rolled out across a whole department, for selected groups, on a voluntary basis or in whatever manner works for the client.  The spot check would NOT be suitable to resolve ergonomic issues for staff with significant discomfort, injury or severely compromised ergonomic work area.

  • The spot check process typically entails a Lunch and Learn for the office first so that everyone has a baseline level of ergonomics knowledge and an understanding of what a low risk office set up looks like.
  • The evaluator then follows up with a quick visit (approximately 10-15 minutes per person), and makes adjustments to equipment, notes obvious deficiencies and makes behavioural suggestions.
  • If the ergonomist encounters an individual with injury, significant discomfort or ergonomic issues through a quick check, the individual can be converted into the comprehensive assessment on the spot.
If you have any questions about our Office Assessment services please contact us.