ErgoRisk has a variety of lively and engaging Lunch and Learn training sessions that educate employees and raise ergonomics awareness.  All sessions include practical information that employees can use to make immediate changes to their work area and movement habits to reduce discomfort and prevent potential injury.  Sessions also include any required ergonomic information which may be specified by Provincial OHS regulations.  ErgoRisk can tailor any existing classes or develop new classes to meet specific client needs. Examples of current office educational sessions are outlined below:

Ergo 101

  • This dynamic and interactive session provides participants with practical knowledge about how to set themselves up correctly in their own work space and how to work safely. We cover signs and symptoms of MSIs, risk factors for MSIs and solutions for preventing injuries; but the main focus is how to set up your desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other equipment correctly. We’ll also cover safe ergonomic behaviours, best practices, and will get everyone up to practice stretches as a group.

Road Warrior Ergonomics

  • This session is similar to Ergo 101 but is focused on workers who travel extensively and work primarily from a laptop computer.  Topics include setting up laptops correctly in the office, at client sites and while traveling, as well as ergonomic best practices in airports and hotel rooms.

Office Stretching

  • This interactive session provides an introduction to ergonomics and ergonomic principles including the  benefits of stretching and microbreaks, how to incorporate stretching into your day and stretch break software.  Attendees are involved in practicing a variety of office appropriate stretches throughout the class.

Train the Assessor

  • ErgoRisk’s Train the Assessor program is an 8 hr session that is typically run over two 1/2 days.   The training is partly classroom lecture and partly practical application to practice learnings out in the office environment under the direction of the ErgoRisk educator.  This training works best with a smaller group, and as such we typically aim for 6 people or less in a Train the Assessor session.

At the end of the training the attendees will be able to perform basic office ergonomic assessments and assist staff in setting up chairs, monitors, keyboards, mice and document holders in appropriate low risk ergonomic positions.  They will also be able to suggest basic postural improvements and educate their colleagues on safe work behaviours and resting positions.  They will also have an understanding of how to identify and correct general ergonomic risks in the workplace.

As well, the attendees will be able to suggest appropriate ergonomic equipment that might be needed to assist staff in attaining low risk work postures.  The attendees would NOT be expected to be able to identify the underlying causes or risk factors that might be contributing in a case where an employee has a significant level of discomfort or injury.  For workers with significant pain or diagnosed injuries we would recommend an assessment by a certified ergonomist.

As an adjunct to the Train the Assessor course ErgoRisk provides an assessment checklist designed to provide cues to new assessors and ensuring clear and comprehensive data collection.  We can also create an assessment checklist tailored to a client’s organization to capture specific information that you may want to review or use later, and questions will be relevant to the nature of work performed by client employees.

If you have any questions about any of our Training Sessions services please contact us.