MoveSafe (TM) Program

PMI program

We have created a preventative program to help reduce potential injury and discomfort in your workforce.  Our system is similar to a trend in professional sports:   to identify muscle imbalances, range of motion limitations, strength and flexibility deficits that may lead to injury or discomfort.

Essentially, we analyze a set of basic movement patterns and generate a series of exercises to improve the weakest links.   Our follow up process and re-analysis will provide measurable data and feedback to ensure progress in the right direction, and identify high risk individuals with MSI potential.

How The Program Works (see: for more info.)

Posture affects the way we move, and bad movement will cause muscle and joint compensations which eventually lead to MSIs and/or RSIs.  The ErgoRisk program is designed to address your poor postural habits and teach you to move better using a step by step approach.

· First, analyze your movement using seven (7) functional movement patterns.

· Second, improve your posture and movement using a corrective exercise program.

· Third, re-analyze and progress your level of function to improve quality of life.

Successful completion of all the functional movement patterns leads to a series of more advanced exercises that will maintain strength, balance, mobility and stability for healthy movement.

A selection of corrective exercises is used as pre-cursor exercises to the movement screening process.  You can find these movement building useful exercises in our E-booklet.

If you want to learn more about our MoveSafe (TM) program, go to: or contact us.