On-Site Rehab Facility

On-Site Rehab Facility
Our on-site services focus on minimizing the human and financial costs of injury and disability by keeping employees attached to the workplace, even when they are not functioning at 100%.

On-Site Early Intervention / Job-attached Rehabilitation

ErgoRisk provides confidential full time or part-time on-site injury management service for work and non-work related injuries.  Aggravation and progression of injuries is prevented through:

  • Appropriate early symptom management that seeks the cause of the discomfort,
  • Recommendations of suitable modified or alternate work,
  • Job coaching including specific biomechanical techniques that reduce musculoskeletal stress, and
  • Convenient on-site therapeutic intervention that can often be arranged with minimal equipment.

As an objective third party, ErgoRisk provides a confidential, unbiased environment to which employees and healthcare providers respond positively.

The full time service model provides organizations with all of ErgoRisk’s services from an ErgoRisk trained and managed employee.  In addition to this on-site resource, clients have access to all of ErgoRisk’s training programs.  Employers receive a tremendous return on investment due to significantly decreased lost time and severity as well as a healthy boost in employee morale.

If you have any questions about our On-site Rehab Facility services please contact us.