Morning Warm-Up

We believe well designed pre-shift warm-ups have two benefits:

(1) increased awareness around MSIs, the importance of preparing for activity and to serve as a check for folks to ensure their body is moving well each day, and

(2) potential injury reduction through specificity and quality of warm-up that has direct application to the tasks being performed.

Regular morning warm-ups engage the crew positively in body self-awareness.  It makes sense that a tailgate meeting or any pre-job meeting to review the hazards of the job involve some physical preparation for the work.

Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor a customized warm-up program for individual groups in your organization. We think proper instruction is paramount. That is why our programs come with ePosters that teach all of the exercises with running videos that pop-up when you click on the pictures of the poster. Perfect for doing warm-ups in a room with a flat screen on the wall. We can also provide a workshop for crew leaders and supervisors so that there are people with extra knowlege on site for technique monitoring or more specific instruction.

Learn more about the important principles behind proper warm-up, dynamic stretching and the potential hazards of cold streching.