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Safe Movement Talks and Tours
Give us a Tour, we’ll give you a Talk

A great way to get started with ergonomics is to invite one of us on a tour of your operation. There is much to be gained from raising awareness on the little things we can all do to avoid MSI risks at work and at home. Images from select pictures during a tour are easily included in an engaging and practical awareness presentation that can be done on the same visit.  We have the skills to deliver anything from small talks to just a few industrial athletes in the field, to groups of office workers gathered for a lunch and learn or even 200 plus conference participants.  In all settings, we focus on engaging the audience to apply simple principles to their particular work demands.

We are often asked if there are any handouts we can provide to help maintain the awareness gained from our presentation.  Check-out our ‘Free Stuff’ to see examples of handouts or sign-up to receive a more comprehensive collection.