Train The Trainer

ErgoRisk’s Train the Expert program can provide you with in-house ergonomics expertise to prevent ergonomic problems before they start.  We will bring the program to you, offering dynamic on-site training, hands on practice and support materials to help you get the job done.

If you have been struggling with how best to respond to employee requests for ergonomic assistance then this program is for you!!

 Practical.   Effective.

The Train the Expert program is designed to provide a small group of staff with the ergonomics expertise to manage the majority of your ergonomic issues in-house.  Training is performed on-site and is a combination of classroom learning and practical application in the work environment.  Attendees become experts in the type of chairs and furniture found in your facilities and can apply the skills they learn directly to your employees to reduce MSI risk and worker discomfort.

At the end of the training the attendees will be able to:

  •   Perform basic office ergonomic assessments to screen for and eliminate MSI risks
  •   Assist staff in setting up chairs, monitors, keyboards, mice and other equipment appropriately 
  •   Suggest basic postural improvements and educate their colleagues on safe work behaviours
  •   Recommend appropriate ergonomic equipment that might be needed
  •   Track key metrics and create summary reports to help determine future steps


Participants would NOT be expected to be able to identify the underlying causes or risk factors that might be contributing in a case where an employee has a significant level of discomfort or injury.  For workers with significant pain or diagnosed injuries we would recommend an assessment by a certified ergonomist.

Is it time to take things into your own hands?  We are here to help.