Suncor Firebag Shovelling

Shovelling Snow

I had another great visit up to an oil and gas site in northern Alberta. I was working with one of the site contractors on safe movements when shoveling. I decided it was time to take my turn in front of the camera to try and figure out the best practices for shoveling snow out from underneath a platform. This can be an awkward task for the folks who complete this work. They are often seasonallabourers who don’t have much experience doing this and they likely haven’t received any coaching on best practices. Not to mention access to appropriate tools. I quickly realized the importance of having the right shovel for the task – I would have liked a longer handle!
I wrapped up my visit by providing some best practice posters and also a video on recommended techniques for snow shoveling. Just like any physical labour, if you do it properly it can help you become stronger and healthier.

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Rob works with a wide range of clients providing ergonomic evaluations, safe movement coaching as well as advice on integrating ergonomics into successful safety processes.

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