Training Videos

ErgoRisk Specializes in creating Movement Safety Guideline video lessons.  When we are asked to help reduce the risks associated with a particular job task, we always try to recommend an ergonomics design solution that eliminates the need to rely on techniques used by the employees. However,  sometimes interim measures or practicality requires that employees must use specific movement techniques to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk factors.  This is where short 3 minute video lessons in conjunction with task specific training is recommended.  The next time you are wondering why employees do or do not move in certain ways, ask yourself if they have ever been shown the recommended technique or procedure in a specific way.

Teaching simple and effective micro-break exercises, demonstrating proper movement behaviour such as reaching,  lifting and bending or organizing training modules for new employees are only a few of the possibilities.

For further information on our training videos or a customized training video for your workplace please contact us.